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Merging Graphics

Graphics can be embedded within a TeX or LaTeX\ document for output on the CSB laser printer/plotter. The plots can be created with any of the available graphics packages on VM/CMS-- DISSPLA, TELLAGRAF, etc.

The plot file created by one of the graphics packages must be processed by the VM/CMS PLOTTEX command before it can be embedded in the document. The \plot macro written by CSB is used.

      \caption{Example of embedded graphics}

will produce Figure 6.1 on page gif.

Figure 6.1: Example of embedded graphics

The format of the \plot macro is:

  \plot (<width>,<height>,<plot file>
        (,<plot number>)(,<flip>)(,<thick pen>))
For a complete description of the \plot macro, type:
      help tex graphics
The plot file specified in a \plot macro is not referenced until the TEXPRINT command is issued with the PLOTS option specified. The plot is scaled up or down to fit within the area specified by width and height.

If the processing of a plot file fails when TEXPRINT is issued, or the PLOTS option has not been specified, a box will be drawn around the area specified by the width and height; i.e., the TeX/LaTeX\ document can be printed without including the plot(s).

Claude Cantin
Wed Feb 25 14:35:35 EST 1998