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archie/xarchie: accessing FTP databases.

archie is no longer used, but kept here for historical reasons.

There are thousands of anonymous FTP systems world-wide. They all contain different files and programs.

Prior to the web and its browsers, the best way to find out which application was located where, archie was the tool of choice. It was created circa 1990.

The Archie database was constructed bit by bit over the period of one month. During that month, each night, Archie visited 1/30 (approximatly) of the anonymous FTP sites registered with it, and collected all file/program names stored at each and every location.

archie was then used to interrogate the Archie database to find the location of a specific program. xarchie is a graphical version of the tool.

Although archie/xarchie is still in use, web searches through search engines is currently a more efficient measure in finding tools on the Internet.

Claude Cantin 2010-10-24