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EduNET dial-in server

This service replaces the ``M-60/Cisco Server Dial-up facility".

Since the summer 2000, NRC personnel may get an account with EduNET, a (Ottawa) local Internet Service Provider (ISP). NRC has an agreement with that ISP, which allows approved NRC personnel to have an account with them. Once connected to the EduNET ISP, the NRC employee becomes part of the NRC internal network.

This allows them to access NRC-only services such as CISTI services and the NRC/zone web pages. It also allows users to connect to internal NRC UNIX/Linux systems.

There is a minimum monthly cost for each account. That cost is paid by the individual institutes (in some intitutes, by the individual groups). EduNET registration information is available either from your institute corporate office, or from your computing support personnel.

Claude Cantin 2010-10-24