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talk: Talk To

If user_a wants to talk to user_b and both are logged on, he/she may want to use the talk command:
talk user_b[$@$node]

When talk is invoked, the screen of the originator is split into two equal parts (a horizontal line of hyphens separates the two parts). user_b receives a request to answer:

Message from Talk_Daemon$@$neon at 9:59 ...
talk: connection requested by smith$@$
talk: respond with: talk smith$@$

Once user_b, in this case smith$@$neon, responds to cantin$@$nickel, his screen will be split in two: the top portion of the screen always displays the local user's messages, and the bottom portion the remote user's message. Characters are displayed as they are typed.

To close the connection, press $<$CTL-C$>$.

As with finger, many systems do not allow non-local systems to use the talk facility on the local system.

Claude Cantin 2010-10-24